Valentine’s Day Inspo for the long-term love of your life

I have to admit Valentine’s Day kind of fills me with dread and I find it really heard to think of something unique and meaningful. Personally, the days of sexy undies and a rose in my teeth are long gone and I’m not the best at writing down how I feel in a romantic ditty.

I’m also not a fan of buying flowers when they have just hiked in price around 500% as it leaves a kind of ‘I’ve just been totally fleeced’ taste that doesn’t translate into those ‘I love you’ eyes on the big day.

So, I’ve racked my brains and searched through Deja Ooh’s cupboard to pick out a few tokens of love that say ‘you’re awesome’ and ‘I will always love you’ without either breaking the bank or reminding you of the awkward and insecure heady days of the beginning of your relationship. I may not be Valentine’s Day’s biggest fan but I still think it’s pretty important to tell that very special someone that you really couldn’t survive without them, so I hope these suggestions inspire you to do just that!

Heart decorations

If it’s a small token inside a card that you’re after then these colourful little gems are perfect. Traditionally a symbol of luck in Mexico, they can be hung up at a desk to remind your other half of you all year round.

Buy them from our Not On The High Street store here.

The way to their heart

If food or wine is the thing that brings you together then why change a habit of a life time! Restaurants and bars will be packed and prices totally over the top, so why not make a nice meal at home that little bit more special. This amazing pork pie from bespoke pie-makers and fellow Not On The High Streeter’s Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies would go down a treat in my household.

Image: Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies

Say it loud and proud

If subtlety is not your strong point, then just shout about it instead. You can say whatever you want with our ‘Spell It Out’ bunting and make it personal. Each letter is tied together so you can create your very own message, be it a classic ‘I love you’ or a more personal phrase, quote or memorable place that shows you’ve created something just for them.

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And, last but not least, there is always the gift of experience. The perfect chance to nudge them into something they have talked about doing for years or a way to side line a bit of time for you both.

Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s actually all about loving each other.