Urban & Magical Gardens

Now the weather is hotting up and we all sink our hopes into a scorcher of a summer it’s time make the most of our outside spaces. At Deja Ooh we both have urban garden spaces that we need to get the most out of.

Each outside space needs to encompass a play area for kids, serene morning breakfast spots and fun evening dining area for when we crank up the barbi and invite friends and family round.  So in our search for this holy grail of all round awesome gardens we have collected some beautiful ideas and thought we’d share them with you.

Outside seating space:

Stone tableCircle seating areaGarden table 1

Placing a man-made or natural canopy over an area creates a cozy outside room for your space. There are so many clever ways of doing this with beautiful plants, but if you don’t have the time to wait for that wisteria to grow then why not create some beautiful pergolas that are a statement in themselves and can slowly be enriched by foliage.

Cosy nooks and corners also make use of some often unusable places in the garden and if you have a particularly shady spot then creating a little den for kids and or adult is a great use of space

Natural canopy

Blue lanterns

Cooking outside

If the kitchen is the heart of our homes then a BBQ in the garden is an essential right? Whether you have a small or large space there are so many possibilities. From the stylishly simplistic wood fires to smokers and eye watering gas burners – all you need is a plan and away you go!  So here is the inspiration:



sink area

Adding in a sink area isn’t always top priority but creates that kitchen feel in the garden that is really liberating. It also makes using the area so much easier and means you will use it so much more. Fill the sink with ice and use it as a beer cooler or utilising a side board for a buffet area will make your bbq’s that much more enjoyable.


Lighting up the garden at night always produces that all important magical effect and can make an outside space feel very special. Festoons are very versatile but can be pretty bright en mass so hiding them in foliage or decorations means you get a chilled low level of light without a lot of fuss and expense. Tea lights also give off that magical air and are super easy. Popped in a collections of jars or just scattered around, just be careful of really dry times of year as they can be a bit of a fire hazard!

And finally the finishing touches……….


painted floor

Why not accessorise your garden with some architectural salvage like this big mirror or create a unique seating areas using painted floors. Adding sculptures or structural plants is another way of creating a focal point in the garden.

rope swing

Our personal favourite are our fab Vintage deckchairs but we might be a little bit biased…….

deck chair

The vertical garden is not something to be ignored so if space is at a premium them why not just go up with beautiful climbing plants or living walls. 

vertical garden 3vertical 1vertical garden 2

Want some more ideas to make your Garden extra special?  Go to our pinterest board for more photos and ideas……….