Top Trends to look out for in 2018

Raise your hand if you’ve spent one too many hours browsing the likes of Pinterest and Instagram for your daily fix of home décor lavishness – I know we certainly have…

Our home environment is so important, a comfort away from the stresses and strains of the daily grind as well as an expression of who we are and want to be. They have to be totally user friendly at the same time as inspiring, so it’s not surprising that we are always on the look-out for that perfect centre piece that gives a room a whole new lease of life.

Whether you’re just adding to your existing décor or embarking on a total renovation project here are our top picks of 2018 trends to inspire new and innovative ideas for your home.

The metallic trend is not completely new, with rose gold trickling down from major interior designers right through to our high street supermarkets. But the dazzling colours are looking like they are settling in. In fact, it’s predicted metallic like brass and silver will begin to take a more dominant role in interior design and furnishings,  moving away from a little accent piece on a shelf to being embedding in the fabric of our homes. They can be considered as a neutral colour and will complement most other. Blended with deep blues and greens to give a sumptuously tactile look or with light pastels for a clean millennials feel.

In 2018 we are set to get much more adventurous with colour bringing together unlikely mixes and not being afraid of the throwing lots of different shades into the mix. Think of layering shades with accented contrasts and you won’t go wrong.

This is a bold colour that you will not be able to ignore through 2018 and possibly beyond. It has exploded in the fashion industry and seems to be performing a similar take over of interiors magazines and designers look books. Billed as pantone colour of the year it might be worth embracing and the rule seems to be go big!

Be it on the floor, walls, or future, patterns are being explored in new areas. much like metallic, the geometric trend is a second coming – with some updates for 2018 thrown in. Designers predict that geometric patterns will be used much more throughout our homes as accents and features. These funky designs can be added to almost any surface, and yes, there’s plenty of geometric stencil kits out there too if you’re feeling arty.

Jungle prints and patterns have definitely been a staple in the maximalists handbook but we can see this getting a warm luxurious velvety page all to itself. Indulgence in food and drink stays firmly in the Christmas box but our homes can pick up the baton.  Designers have velvet firmly on their radar for 2018 as its timeless and versatility can really make a statement in the home. Paired with or created from the dark Greens and Blues and sparks of red and yellow that make up those intense jungle scenes it’s a trend we are definitely fans of.


I’ve lost count the amount of times I have written about house plants but I never get tired of shouting their praises and am really pleased to see that they are not going away any time soon. In addition, 2018 is all about planters and we are going to get a whole lot more creative. Wall planters are a unique and a space saving trend that creatively makes use of wall space inside your home. Fill your planters with cacti and succulents for a low maintenance pop of greenery inside your abode.

Do you think these predictions are bang on for 2018? Let us know your thoughts on what is in and what is out for interior design in 2018 – and, if you’re looking for further inspiration for your new year décor then don’t forget to check out our Instagram or Pinterest pages for all the latest inspiration straight to your feed.