It’s All About Colour – Snow White

To conclude our weekly celebrations of colour, we’re looking at the least colourful of them all – white!

White is as pure as pure can be and since the 1990’s, we have pretty much fallen in love with its blank canvas effect on our homes. A stage for other more vibrant colours to sing from, it has become the most used colour, or lack of colour, for our surroundings.

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Snow white…

Personally, I find it the hardest colour to wear mainly because I can never keep it white. I mean whose great idea was it to make it a staple of kids schools uniforms around the country! (Sorry slightly off subject but I really need to get that off my chest).

On the catwalk or high street, it is perception is varied from the precision and control of the iconic Channel white suit to the freedom and flow of a white beach dress.

What it stands for: Purity, vulnerability

What it can do: neutralise, express spirituality

Industry that it is most synonymous with: Hygiene and Cleanliness

Image opposite – a final ode to everyone’s style icon Beyonce