Small space, big ideas – how to make the most of a small garden

Just because there is nothing you can do about the size of your precious outdoor space, doesn’t mean that you can’t make that space both beautiful and functional. Small gardens, or even balconies, are the perfect cozy spot to catch the summer sun and with some clever hacks you can make your small space feels double the size it actually is.

If you can’t grow out, grow up!

Hold onto that precious floor space by making the most of your walls and fences. Vertical gardening not only allows you to add greenery and flowers to your outdoor space, it doesn’t take away from the limited area you have available to actually use. 


Make that trellis infinitely more interesting by using decorated plant pots and or hanging baskets, using wire to hang or suspend them. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors don’t just have to be for inside your house. They are fantastic outside as well and are a neat little trick for giving the illusion of more space. 

Whether you choose something simple on a wall, or something more ornate, large and floor standing, the mirror will also add light to darker corners of the garden. Don’t worry about how they might face the elements, as the mirror begins to weather you will see that it takes on an authentic and unique look that will give more personality to the space. 


Add a feature, that is also functional

All gardens, regardless of size can benefit from a feature or focal point. But with no space to waste, you can’t afford to have something that is simply eye-catching – you need it to work for you too. 

And what better than a British classic – the vintage deck chair. Part chair, part lounger. Easily folded away if all your friends have piled in for an impromptu barbeque and homemade cocktails. They are also eye-catching and comfortable when you use them.