It’s All About Colour – Simply Red

As we continue our celebration of all things colourful, this week we’re exploring red – the colour of passion, power and warning.

Simply red…

Red is often a tricky colour to add to the home unless it’s the front door. But adding a thin strip of such a vibrant and dramatic colour can add a really exciting twist to interiors, picture frames are a great place to start to see if it will work for you.

Perceived as an aggressive or loud colour it commands attention and shouts confidence so it is will always have a place in the fashion world. Wear it as block colour shirt or add it to lift a normally dull outfit in the form or socks or lippy.

What it stands for: Excitement, energy, passion, courage, attention

What it can do: Stimulate, create urgency, draw attention, caution, encourage.

Industry that it is most synonymous with: Emergency services

Image opposite – Beyonce looking like a Phoenix rising from the flames in her red outfit