It’s All About Colour – Purple Reign

This month we’re celebrating the vital role of colour in our lives – from the clothes we wear, what our workplace looks like and of course, our homes – check out last week’s cool blues post here.

We’re continuing our weekly celebration of colour with purple – Prince wrote a song about it (kinda), the Royal’s love it and we’re a big fan of it too – especially when used subtly to bring some depth to your home.

Purple reign…

Purples connection with Royalty in this country gives it its decadent and luxurious reputation, but it’s also a colour that embodies mystery and helps to inspire. In its most vibrant form in the home, it needs to be kept to the lower levels and as an accent colour as it will draw light in and make rooms seem smaller. With violet being the colour of the moment, last year’s fashion is still very much in love with a variety of purple shades, from deep purple velvets to much cooler and calmer lilacs.

What it stands for: Imagination, spiritual, mystery, decadence

What it can do: Encourage creativity, inspire, luxury, a combination of wisdom and power, intuition

The industry that it is most synonymous with: Humanitarian

Image opposite – Queen of the world & my personal style-icon Beyonce with her purple superwoman cape