It’s All About Colour – Tickled Pink

In this week’s ode to colour we’re celebrating pink! Once predominately associated with baby girls, this brilliant colour has become much more versatile and has been adopted by all genders across fashion and decor. We love using fabric with pops of pink in that really stand out and add an element of playfulness to the living space.

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Pink to make the boys wink…

Think of a beautiful (sleeping) newborn baby and you have the essence of the colour pink in a nutshell. Calm and youthful it evokes a playfulness that is often used in the home, from dusky pink-washed walls that give a lightness with a touch of colour to the more eye-catching fuchsia that is a favourite for ornamental splashes of colour. I don’t think pink has ever gone out of favour in the fashion world and it’s easy to see why – with soft pastel pinks that can lift out darker wardrobe staples to a bright pink shirt or jacket that immediately say you are not afraid to have fun.

What it stands for: Compassion, love, immature, playful, admiration

What it can do: Increase pulse, motivate action, fascinate, communicate energy

Industry that it is most synonymous with: Beauty

Image opposite – Beyonce’s beau Jay Z in a custom-made Calvin Klein suit