It’s All About Colour – Orange Is The New Black

Following last week’s celebration of the passionate colour red, this week we’re exploring its close relative – yellow. As a secondary colour, orange sits between the vibrancy and power hungry red and the calming and energising nature of yellow. It’s no wonder that it has a reputation of independence and creativity!

Orange is the new black…

Like its opposite purple, orange tends to be used as an accent rather than a foundation colour in the home but can be paired with lots of other tones to create a sumptuous yet totally playful look. It is not the easiest colour to make work in your wardrobe but when it’s done well it is really striking. So whether you want to wow the crowd like the queen or colour block like Beyoncé, or it is not a colour that can be ignored.

What it stands for: Optimistic, independent, adventurous, creative, fun

What it can do: Stimulate, communicate fun, express freedom, fascinate

Industry that it is most synonymous with: Transportation

Images opposite – Just two Queens rocking the colour orange