Making the most of that Spring Clean

If like us you have just about come out of winter hibernation mode and are looking around the house thinking how to clear and clean up all the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t seem to have a place anymore…..

Then here are a few finds and ingenious ideas to tidy it all away leaving your home with a clear fresh look for the summer.


Tin foilUnder sinkCutlery drawer

Kitchen, bathroom or bedroom – there is a place for everything!

Making use of dead space

There are so may little nooks in our houses that can be used to organise and tidy all of life’s essentials away. Utilising these to the maximum will leave your living spaces free to live.Under stairs


Under bedloft

Nifty storage solutions for loft spaces will mean that all the things that you don’t want to throw but don’t need on a daily basis can be safely stored. Under beds and stairs are easy spaces to transform into extra drawers and Cloakrooms meaning you no longer need to be tipping over coats in the entrance hall.


High Shelves 2High shelves

Going high with shelving can give the illusion of space in a room, and using beautiful baskets and jars will mean you can organise it all whist it’s still on display.

Being clever with feature wall spaces can create an abundance of little hideaways. We are really pleased to see peg boards being given a bit of the lime light recently and we think they are brilliantly versatile. Combined with that utilitarian Scandi style that just can’t be ignored, they are a brilliant way to stylishly display or tidy away bits and bobs around the house.



Peg boards

Kitchens pegs

If you can’t hide it flaunt it!

Creating a feature of the everyday objects around the house is done by Stylists the world over so why not apply it to your home. Labelling jars and using tin trays and baskets can make the clutter on the side into a trendy installation.

Colourful tinsJarsBananas

BathroomBath jars