It’s all about Christmas!

I don’t have rose tinted glasses when it comes to this time of year by any means.  It’s not all easy and Christmas certainly always comes with a few pros as well as cons! But with the manic planning of food, presents and work parties, there are some good traditions that I just couldn’t do without and so I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

Christmas Fairs and Markets

I love a good Christmas Market and we sell at a fair few of them as well.  This year Deja Ooh will be setting up shop at Renegade Craft London at The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane as well as The Fonthill Road Festive Market but there are so many around London – we are totally spoilt for choice.

Christmas Markets are where I usually buy most of my presents, as it is a great way of supporting fellow small, local businesses. There is also a lovely warm festive feel that totally gets me excited about the big day.

Deck the Halls

Holly and ivy form the basis of my Christmas decorations mainly because I have a free and plentiful source, but also my family Christmases were straight out of the 1880’s despite being born in the 1980’s. My personal twist comes in the form of flowers and so I pay a yearly pilgrimage to Columbia Rd Flower market at the beginning of December. ‘Having a Giraffe’ with the traders is as Christmassy to me as pulling a cracker or getting drunk on mulled wine.

Getting the kids involved in decorating the tree

A Christmas tree is the centre piece of anyone’s home at Christmas and a total showcase of a maker’s talents. I pore through old magazines and Pinterest boards when planning the colour scheme of my tree and pinch ideas from the most elaborate department stores windows to see how my design skills match up!

Unfortunately, that is where the similarity ends because I have no say in what or how our tree is decorated. This, in our house is left up to my mindbogglingly useless and totally unskilled children. I have no idea who decided this but what we end up with is a total tinselfest and handmade shit storm of a tree that I hate and love at the same time.

These are some very early Deja Ooh Insta Images our first tree efforts for you to have a nose at!


Christmas Eve

It’s taken a few years, but I’ve worked out that the key to a nice Christmas morning starts on Christmas eve. Getting the kids totally excited/knackered with as many traditions as possible, followed by a late bed time- hey presto we get the patter of tiny feet and the rustling of stocks in our bedroom at a very reasonable 8pm.

It all starts with a family dinner out with as many friends that we can muster then heading home to play games and dance around to Christmas songs. We then ceremonially get their stockings out, (both they have had their since they were born and have their names on), before finally going out into the garden to sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn and putting a carrot and glass of whiskey out for Santa!

Life after Christmas

Christmas is amazing don’t get me wrong but there is also something very special about the week that we get between Christmas and New Year. Every year it seems to last forever and every year it feels like a load of free days that I had totally forgotten about. Filled with seeing old friends and walks in the woods, it’s a very magical time with the pressure and hype of Christmas out the way.

A time to rest and re coup ready for the inevitable very late night on the 31st.  I mean hungover to death and your liver trying to disown you is the only way to start a New Year, right?

Of course, once its all over we miss the whole thing and wonder how it all went so fast. So don’t forget to take moment, a deep breath, a mince pie and enjoy every second of this very magical time of year.

Merry Christmas Everyone


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