Guess who’s back, back again…

Guess who’s back, back again. Sorry just a little throw back there!

So here I am, sitting in my studio (shed at the bottom of the garden) back on the Deja Ooh train.

My garden shed studio!

I don’t know why but I took a long time to decide to step back into this. After having my second little boy and having a fair amount of time off from part time working I felt that would be the perfect time to make some changes to my career. I wondered if a ‘real’ job with fixed hours and other humans would be the way to go. It’s very hard raising kids and then the only working/grown up time you get is sitting on your own with only the cat popping in every now and then.

For me and I’m sure 1000 of women after having kids, I felt like I’d lost part of myself, although obviously gaining two small amazing humans my confidence plummeted and still in a fairly sleep deprived state I was no longer sure I could actually do anything other than be a stay at home mum.

I applied for the few part time jobs that came up but nothing came of them. The creative part time roles available we’re inundated with applicants, as you’d expect. I decided to just start making and creating again, a little bit of time here and there when I could. Mainly using leather, which harks back to my days of bag making. In doing this I started to realise it’s this that I’ve really missed and having a dedicated place and time to do it in.

So whilst my boys are at nursery (now ones at school! Eep) I have fixed ‘my time’ when I can think about something other than the kids, cleaning the toilet and putting the washing on.

Bea and I making pots in the sunshine back in the summer

Bea and I created Deja Ooh as a way of channeling our strengths, the key one being our creativity and ability to put our hands to making beautifully made products. Adding colour and pattern to help brighten not only our work place but peoples homes. In stepping back into DJO in the last few months I feel quite lucky and proud at what we’ve managed to achieve. We’re certainly not making this year’s rich list but we have an enviable position to be creative, be flexible with our time and have each other when things get tricky.

And you know what; I quite like my cat, and sometimes the silence that is so sparse these days. It’s the poor other mums on the school run though that have to absorb my ‘I haven’t seen a grown up all day’ chat. Sorry about that….

My studio cat, Foxy Roxy!