It’s All About Colour – Going Green

From our neon-jungle plant pots, our vibrant liberty print coat racks and beach hut-inspired triangle print footrests, it’s no secret that we’re seriously obsessed with colour here at Deja Ooh! So as spring arrives and brings its own beautiful array of colours with it, we’re going to be celebrating the colours we use in our products and those that surround us in our everyday lives.

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First up, some colour context…

Colour has been explored, discussed and argued over for centuries, and its meaning is far from a set of rules, but an ever-changing spectrum that can be seasoned with personal interpretation. Different colours have changed their identity through time and others have stuck steadfastly to what they signify. For example, baby pink up until the 1920s was more commonly used as a gender identifier for boys and now, rightly or wrongly,  identifies little girls in their earliest years. In contrast, red has predominantly been a colour of warning for many centuries, possibly taken from the natural world around us.

Colour is also a fundamental part of our lives and says a lot about how we feel and who we are. It can change our mood and focus our attention, calm us down or make our pulse race. And because of this, it is heavily considered consciously or unconsciously when we decorate our homes or choose what to wear.

Going green…

This week we’re looking at the colour green – one that appears in a lot of our products and our homes with the sheer amount of house plants we like to surround ourselves with!

Drawn cacti in greens and turquoise, printed onto cotton
The cactus print we used for our coat racks, by brilliant Hackney-based designer Jaqueline Colley

Green signifies calm and can help us to focus and relax, perfect for the office or workspace. In fashion, green has often been a very on-trend colour and is used as a muted pale tone to give a smart and clean image or as bright emerald green to catch the eye and demand attention.

What it stands for: Growth, harmony, fertility, kindness, dependable

What it can do: Restore energy, create a natural ambience, relax, rejuvenate

The industry that it is most synonymous with: Environment

Image opposite – Queen of the world & my personal style-icon Beyonce absolutely nailing it in her green get up.