Gifts for new parents

When that little bundle of joy arrives there is nothing quite like it. Nothing quite hits you in the same way… well maybe a freight train or juggernaut! No matter how much I told myself that this tiny little beautiful bundle wouldn’t change our lives, and to some extent it didn’t (I started a business ffs), the fact remains that you get very disturbed sleep and endless pit stops for changing nappies, feeding and generally trying to figure out why they won’t stop screaming. So when trying to think of the best present to support a friend or family member with the first few heady weeks of being a parent there are a number of routes to go down….


In a lot of traditions and cultures, food is often the   when someone is in need of love and support and TBH you can’t really go wrong. From a Deliveroo voucher or a stack of healthy meals for two to keep in the fridge it will never go unthanked and for those cheese-loving mothers who have had to abstain from anything soft or blue, this is the perfect opportunity to fill their fridge with some real stinkers.

Check out Cows and Co via Not On The High Street for some artisan cheese treats!


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An obvious one I know and hopefully any Granny will have covered most basics with knitted items, but there is something really lovely and comforting about going through a baby grow section in local kids clothing shop. If you’ve had kids then you probably haven’t done it since you were first pregnant and if you haven’t had kids then enjoy, because you rarely get to do it stress-free. 

One of my favourite kids clothing shops in London is Bob & Blossom on Columbia Road – head there on a Sunday for a stroll through the beautiful flower market and pick up some gifts for everyone, including you!

Something for her

Giving birth, however you do it, is not the easiest and the following few weeks are a bit of a hormonal swirling, boob aching ordeal so why not get a serious pamper kit to help the healing process. There are loads of herbs and tinctures specifically for new mums so that they can create an energy-boosting revitalising spa in their own bathroom. Booking them in for a local facial is also a total winner and a little break from life can often have the most rejuvenating qualities.

Coat rack with three mismatched hooks covered in Under The Sea Printed cotton in a bathroom
Footstool 7

Something for them both

If money is tight then the gift of time can be a total winner. Offering to babysit or take the new little bundle out for a walk whilst the new parents (sit and stare at the wall wondering what the F**** they have done) sleep or simply have a peaceful moment can often be just what the doctor ordered. Maybe help them put their feet up with one of our fabric covered foot stools!

Gifts for life

If it’s a long-lasting gift you’re after then artwork can be a good way to go. It doesn’t have to be an investment piece that they can sell to go travelling when they are 18. You can also think outside the box with beautiful mobiles or ornaments that will stand out in a nursery.

colourful mobile for child's bedroom
Areca Palm Seed Pack

Gifts that grow

Plants and trees to be planted when a child is born I’ve always thought was quite magical be it a seed in a pot or a sapling that can be planted in the garden there are so many options and really fun for children to mark their growth against nature. Check out our selection of fabric covered plant pots with optional seed kits.

Having babies is not the easiest thing in the world but also one of the most amazing. It comes with so many challenges and supporting new parents by simply saying that you’re there is so important. I remember getting mountains of conflicting advice from every angle but it was the little lifts from friends and family members that allowed the haze for sleepless nights and the ringing in our ears of a crying baby fade away.

We are celebrating the release of our new origami mobile so why not take a look and buy one for that special new arrival.