Design ideas for a colourful and bespoke eco-friendly dining room

When it comes to eco-friendly design and decoration it has never been easier to do your bit for the planet. Below we share some design ideas for when you want to create a colourful and eco-friendly dining room


Pre-Love Furniture

One of the biggest decisions you can make when designing an eco-friendly dining room is to use reclaimed and recycled materials. Find that old dining table and bring it back to life. Source those eclectic dining chairs and team them with seat cushions made from bright and colourful fabrics.

Kind paint

Your choice of paint is incredibly important when it comes to doing your bit for the planet. Choose paint that is low in volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs. These compounds release long-lasting and harmful toxins into the atmosphere. The good news is that there is now a large range of low VOC paint in a wide range of bright colours. 








Real wooden flooring

When needing to choose eco-friendly flooring for the dining room that is also practical, then real wood is the best option. One step further is to use reclaimed wood, which will also help to create a truly homely feel. Add a brightly coloured rug that is made from recycled materials and your flooring is complete. 

Introduce plants

No dining room is complete without plants. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment, so help to purify your dining space. It’s also a lovely idea to use planters that have been covered in recycled material. Not only do they add a splash of colour to your dining room, but they can be used again and again. 

Here at Deja Ooh we make a wide range of interesting and beautiful products using reused and recycled materials. Our Fabric Covered Coat Racks and Foot Stools are made from Ply and MDF that was destined for landfill and our Hexagonal table is made from a salvaged pine door.























Please come and take a look and if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.