Deckchairs – where, how and why!

Ever wondered where this iconic design came from?

A Brief history…..

Although the British often lay claim to the iconic deckchair design, the fact is that it was originally invented by an American. The patent for the design was first submitted by John Cham in 1855. His design was for a folding chair with a wicker or fabric back. His design soon became a fixture on many cruise liners, hence the name:  The”deckchair”.

However, in 1886 John Thomas Moore filed a patent for a more simplified deckchair which is far closer to the one we know and love today. This chair featured a folding wooden frame and fabric seat. His design was adjustable and could be used with a footrest for the ultimate in relaxation. 


By the sea

In Northern Europe, the remains of folding chairs from the Bronze Age have been discovered, and we also know the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were partial to a folding chair. However, the design that we know and love today originated on the decks of cruise liners. The design allowed passengers to sit and watch the horizon while also offering a practical storage solution as they could be packed flat when not in use. But it wasn’t until they made their way onto the shore that deckchairs became a British institution. Nowadays, a classic striped deckchair is an essential part of the British seaside, along with beach huts and 99 ice creams. 

Earn their stripes

Perhaps the most iconic deckchair design is the classic stripe. Often crafted from canvas, this has quickly become a British design institution. As these iconic chairs were originally found on ships, they had to be made from hardwearing materials that could withstand any weather condition. A British inventor named Atkins was credited with doing away with the drab olive colour scheme and creating the iconic stripe fabric deck chair that we know and love today.

Deckchair revival

So why not spend sunny days reclining in your own piece of iconic design. We lovingly refurbished and re-cover an original wooden frame with a new classic red and white Bournemouth stripped canvas fabric from our North London studio.  We think our iconic deckchair has real Dejaooh – what do you think?