It’s All About Colour – Cool Blues

This month we’re celebrating the vital role of colour in our lives – from the clothes we wear, what our workplace looks like and of course, our homes – check out last week’s going green post here.

This week we’re exploring the colour blue – a colour we use in a range of our homewares to bring some chilled out vibes to your surroundings.

Cool blues…

Possibly the coolest of all the colours in more ways than one, blue induces openness and expansive spaces, like the sea or the sky. A sign of wisdom, it’s a brilliant opening colour for the home, so the hallway or reception room is where it suits best. In fashion, light blue can be a playful but pure colour. In slight contrast, darker shades are much more serious and command respect.

What it stands for: Freedom, self-expression, wisdom

What it can do: Inspire trust, suggest precision, communicate consciousness, stimulates productivity

The industry that it is most synonymous with: Technology

Images opposite – Queen of the world & my personal style-icon Beyonce demonstrating the fun and formal blue hues