Bring some new plant life into your home this spring!

We love nothing more than obsessing over the first signs of spring here in the UK and my Instagram feed is full of pictures of beautiful pink blossom, daffodils blooming on kitchen tables and lovely looking garden tools as we all rush back into the great outdoors! And no wonder, the weather is so unpredictable these days we just need to seize these moments as soon as they happen.

We’re celebrating the warmer climes and longer days with some ‘grow your own’ seed kits as an option to purchase alongside one of our stunning fabric-covered plant pots. You can choose from either a cactus or an areca palm plant – both of which are indoor plants so whatever the weather, you can rest assured that your new little plant babies will be safe!

Prices start at just £21 for a small fabric covered plant pot and seed kit – a great gift for a springtime birthday or a treat to yourself! We’ve also got a brilliant new range of fabrics to choose from too.