Behind the scenes of Deja Ooh – Bea’s Studio Tour

I have to admit that it’s not all plain sailing running your own business, but when a job allows you to take time with your family whenever you choose and lets you decide your own schedule and direction, you can take the odd tough time on the chin. I also have the massive luxury of having my own space in our garden.

My garden studio where all the Deja Ooh magic happens

The studio was designed on the back of an envelope but with a lot of confidence in Trew Turner, an incredibly skilled and talented builder and also a great friend – which helps when they’re moving 7 skips worth of London clay through your brand-new kitchen! It’s a place that I’m very proud of, so I thought I’d give you a little tour as well as some insight into what we do and how we do it.

My beloved cork wall and the Pinterest pic that inspired it

First up is the cork board pinboard – this was a Pinterest hack that is so useful. Adorned with key words that describe our brand, buyer and marketing personas as well as images and colour schemes that I’m keen to focus on when thinking of new products and fabric patterns. At the moment, it’s my marketing bible as this is what I plan to focus on over the coming months. The aim is to make Deja Ooh a concise and readable brand that you all love and this pin board is going to make it happen!

My desk was found on the streets of Dalston and I love it. Total 1980’s teacher’s desk, well almost identical to the one my teacher had in primary school. It is part office desk, part workbench and adapts pretty well to whatever I ask of it. It also houses a heap of stock underneath, and matches my 1980’s school drawers. One day I will spray paint all the drawers different colours but for now, it simply holds everything from paper to aprons in a very organised chaos kind of way.

My 1980’s school drawers that I plan to paint different colours one day.

Storage is a necessity for Deja Ooh and I have reclaimed materials in raw form and ready to use all over the place. I try to process and cut to the right shapes as soon as I find it but that’s not always possible so the cellar in my house is a bit of an extension to the studio (thank god for an understanding family).

The bonus about building my own office is that I could add bespoke storage. I designed in a full length 60cm deep cupboard at one end of the space. This houses all my tools, fabrics, and packaging all neatly tucked away from view because inside they really aren’t very neat!

A few Deja Ooh packages heading off to their new homes

The floor is also a very important work area and is where I do most of my packing. Our business aims to have as little environmental impact as possible which means we source used boxes and repurpose them for our packing – we have a steady supply from local shops that would normally send their card for recycling, but why waste time recycling when it can be used perfectly well the way it is. Unfortunately, this means we don’t have fancy branded packaging, but we are working on that! It also means that I often spread out massive boxes and cut them into tailor-made ones for our products to nestle in.

My design lightbulb moment was the cork flooring that also runs up the front of the cupboards and almost hides them entirely. And my favourite bit is the magical solar tunnels without which the studio would be very dark and gloomy.

Well there you have it, my studio tour. If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to get in touch and make sure you follow us on Instagram to see all the behind the scenes action and latest news. 


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