Al fresco seating

Now the summer is hotting up I am finding myself in the garden so much more and not just for a quick mow of the lawn and dead heading of the spring flowers. With the kids growing up I also have a bit of time to sit and relax rather than field small bodies tottering around the lawn.  However, I have realised as lovely as that is I don’t have anywhere to sit!

Of course the first thing that I have brought out is one of Deja Ooh Vintage Deck Chairs, but it has got me thinking…..and investigating….what are the options and how is it best to use a 4m x 5m garden space.

My studio inhabits one end and the sunniest part of my garden. It is sunk 1.2m into the ground so we essentially have a two-teared garden. The kids predominantly play on the lower grassed area which leaves the top, and most sunny section for lounging and the wild flowers that tend to grow up there.   Our kitchen also leads through two glass doors onto a small patio so we could also have a small table and chairs there as well.

The Lounge Area

I love the idea of sweeping curves that you can nest in and have found some awesome benches and lounger ideas that could be made to measure. They also need a bit of cushioning so you could accessorise with cushions or pillows that are either kept outside or just brought out from the house. Having interior soft furnishings outside, to me brings a Moroccan/ luxury wedding vibe that I find irresistible and love hunting down nice fabrics and rugs.

I’m not a massive fan of the texture of waterproof fabric but totally get its practicality and there are so many companies printing beautiful patterns on to the PVC back fabrics, there isn’t a shortage of choice.

Dual purpose is essential in small gardens like mine and so these lovely little cocoon style structures would be a great shady play den for the kids as well as a soft place to lounge around. They are pretty easy to find, but it’s the rustic DIY type that I like the best.


The laid-back look is never a bad thing and the idea of sneaking loungers into the flower beds is genius and really simple if you have the right space. With clever planting, you could create a sensory relaxation area.

Beach life is defiantly high on my propriety list so I have added it on to my shopping list as well!  There are also some lovely folding chairs out there, that will provide that care free feel in the sun!

In addition to the lounge area I also need a table and chairs. With a smooth transition from inside to out, we can easily use our kitchen chairs around a small garden table and this also means more space when they are not needed outside.

I have fallen head over heels for the trend in Acapulco chairs and love the vibrant tropical feel they bring

You can also find more muted colours in the same style as this little chair is so versatile.

Let me know what you think of my choices and what you would do differently?   Also check out our Vintage Deck Chairs 

Rescued form the beaches along the East Coast of England and lovingly restored with the classic Bournemouth Stripe Canvas. We have limited stock so don’t hesitate or they may have already found a home.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine!